Completed Films

20 of us spent the summer in Letterkenny Ireland making documentary films as a part of an Ohio University Education Abroad summer program. There were four groups, each working on a different project. Here are some of the films that were made while we were there. More will be posted soon.

Made in Donegal from Made In Donegal on Vimeo.

Isolated Inspiration: The Arts in County Donegal from Zach Kuzmic on Vimeo.

Real People Real Festival: Earagail Arts Festival 2012 from JT Esterkamp on Vimeo.

2012 Ireland from Sam Girton on Vimeo.

BTS: Made in Donegal from Kelly Matousek on Vimeo.

Published News Stories

Click here to read the news story about our trip, written by the College of Communication at Ohio University

Link to Our Blog

June 24 - Aug 4, 2012 - Program dates in Ireland.

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Calendar / Day Trip details

As our planning unfolds and details are arranged, I will post the details that I have.
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Contact information

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Blog Posting Calendar / Instructions

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Course Offerings

During our time in Ireland, group memebers will be enrolled in courses at Ohio University and will receive credit for the work that is being done.

Depending on each person's major, they have been advised to sign up for different course offerings while in Ireland.

Click here to see the syllabi that have been prepared for these various offerings.

Story Ideation

Each group has worked hard to develop story ideas. What subject will each group make a documentary film about and how did that idea come about?
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Arrival Travel Information

Click here to read more detail about traveling to Letterkenney as well as catching the bus from Dublin.


While in Ireland this summer, each student will work in a team that will produce a short video documentary. Working as an individual or as a part of a small team, each story idea will be heavily researched before we leave Ohio. Once we arrive, Fredrick will begin teaching the story telling process and Sam will be teaching the tools, as the participants begin to build their projects.

Here is who we are looking at for inspiration.
Bombay Flying Club

Here is a 9 minute film which is an artist profile. This video is much like what could be done on this trip.

Program Cost

$3120.00 Ohio University Tuition ** = In state / 10 credit hours
$2600.00 Program Fee
$150.00 Administrative Fee

$145.00 Passport and photos (waived if you already have this)
$1500.00 Airfare (airfare is purchased on your own - estimated cost)
$750.00 Meals (this is purchased on your own - estimated cost)
$100.00 Textbooks/supplies
$300.00 Incidentals/Personal Expenses
$8665.00 Total trip cost (approx.)
(varies depending on your tuition cost - see link below)

** Click on this link to find your exact tuition rate for 10 credit hours in summer session.

Previous Ed Abroad Programs

Frederick Lewis and I have led many education abroad programs and trips to various U.S. cities to visit multimedia firms in the past. Here are links to information about some of those programs.

Summer 2011 - Frederick Lewis took a group to Ireland to study scriptwriting.
The current program will be in the same location as this, however the course content will be different.
Click here to see the blog from that trip.

Summer 2010 - Frederick Lewis and I took a group to Leipzig Germany to study documentary film making.
The summer 2012 program will be exactly like the summer 2010 program, only in a different location.
Click here to see the student work and link to the blog that was kept on this trip.

Summer 2010 - David Matthews and I took a group of Ohio University students to Asia to study design. We worked for one week in Hong Kong, Bejing, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.
Click here to see the blog our students kept and the outcomes of their work.

Click here to link to the Ohio University Office of Education Abroad and read more about this program.

Google Map

Click here to view a Google Map of Letterkenny Ireland.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this program,
please feel free to call me at any time.
Sam Girton