Recently The Scripps College of Communication held it's annual "Scripps Day." This full-day event features guest speakers from the industry and showcases some of The College's greatest acheivements for this year. The work that our group created in Germany was presented as the Keynote event for this year's Scripps Day. To read more about this presentation, click on the link below.
Read about Scripps Day 2010 Keynote Event [live link]

Read about Scripps Day 2010 Keynote Event
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Finished Student Films

Below are two of the five projects that were done during this program.

On the Werra from Annette Drapac on Vimeo.


Click the link below to read the offical blog written by the people on this trip.

Click here to read the journal I have been keep about this trip.

Google Map

Click here to view a Google Map of Leipzig with key points of interest for our group.

Calendar of events

We will be leaving Ohio on June 12, 2010, and returning on July 25, 2010.

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2010 Leipzig Germany - Education Abroad

Fredrick Lewis, Sam Girton and Brandon Flayler are working with The Ohio University Office of Education Abroad to take 19 students to Leipzig, Germany for six weeks this summer. We have been planning this trip since we were in Japan together last summer for The Design in Asia program.

Arrival in Leipzig

You should have received and email outlining arrival instructions. If you did not get that email, I have linked to that information here.
Click here for arrival directions.

Click here to view a .PDF of everyone's arrival/flight information.


While in Germany this summer, each student will work in a team that will produce a short video documentary. Working as an individual or as a part of a small team, each story idea will be heavily researched before we leave Ohio. Once we arrive, Fredrick will begin teaching the story telling process and Sam and Brandon will be teaching the tools, as the participants begin to build their projects.

Here is who we are looking at for inspiration.

Bombay Flying Club

Press Coverage

Click here to read an article by The Ohio Journalist.

Click here to read an article posted on
The College of Communication web site.

Click here to read part of an article from the New York Times (1/10/10) titled, The 31 Places to go in 2010.