Merecedes 300SD - Frybrid

I converted this 1981 Merecedes 300SD to run on straight waste vegetable oil. You have to start the car on diesel fuel, then once the engine is hot, you switch to the secondary fuel tank in the trunk which holds pure waste vegetable oil (WVO). This is the stuff that restaurants cook their food in and then throw away.

So far I have gone about 7000 miles in this car.
This car gets approx 25 mpg on diesel fuel
about 20 mpg on WVO
and I avg about 131 mpg of diesel fuel when I combine it with WVO.
To see more photos of this car as well as my first conversion click here.

Owning a grease car is definately a lifestyle, their is some work involved. If you are considering owning a grease car, here are some things to think about. before you get into it.

Click here to see a photo story with audio. Vince Alonzo interviewed me and created this 3 minute presentation.

Photo below by Philip De Jong.

81 Mercedes Bio Diesel