2010 Leipzig Germany - Arrival Information

Dear OLEC students,

WILLKOMMEN – welcome to the OLEC Summer School 2010 in Leipzig!

As you are about to leave the U.S. for Europe in a few days we would like to send you some information regarding your arrival in Leipzig and your first days in this wonderful German city.

Throughout the program, you will get weekly e-mail update, informing you about everything that could be of importance or interest for you. Please, read these information carefully! They will give you news on upcoming excursions, your academic schedule, changes in rooming, cultural events, etc.

Since Theresa, Sam and Frederick already gave you instructions how to get to Leipzig main train station (Hauptbahnhof) and since you also got contact information, I will just add our phone numbers at the end and start with your arrival in Leipzig: How to get from the train station to the dorms and how do you get access to the dorms?

Since every one of you is arriving at a different time and day, I would like to give you a certain time and location at the train station where you will meet either me or Carolin, this year’s OLEC tutor. There, we will hand out the information folders, tram passes and keys to the dorms.

Meeting point is the SERVICE DESK in the center of the train station, right at the platform level where the trains arrive and leave.

Saturday, June 12: David, Kristen, Lauren, Annette, Abigail, Bram, and Jared – please meet us at 1 p.m. at the service desk! For those of you who arrive two or three hours prior to that, you can leave your luggage at the checkroom, located on the far right of the station (if you are coming from the platforms), next to the McDonald’s. The fee per piece of luggage (regardless how big or heavy) is 3 Euro per day.

Sunday, June 13: Justin, please meet Carolin at 11 a.m. at the service desk. Andrew (from Berlin) and Andrew (from Frankfurt), Eric, Alexander, and Victoria – please give us a call when you have arrived at Leipzig train station! If you cannot use your cell phone, there are payphone at the platform level that are operated with coins.

Similar procedure for Heather, on Friday, June 11: since you have to take a train from Frankfurt to Leipzig, and we don’t know your arrival time in Leipzig yet, please give Carolin a call – either from Frankfurt when you know your arrival time in Leipzig OR upon arrival at Leipzig train station!

Monday, June 14: I will meet Kara at 10 a.m. at the service desk!

In case your train is late or you cannot make it to the train station in time, please contact us:
Carolin: (011) +49 (0)152 245 06 762
Susan: (011) +49 (0)178 82 39 750
Frederick: (011) +49 (0)152 24 5 26 845
In case you get lost or you do not reach us by phone, the International Centre of the University of Leipzig is just a five-minutes walk from the train station at
Goethestrasse 6,
4th floor.
Phone: (011) +49 (0)341 97 32 020 (office).

If you are calling from your American cell phone, dial (011) 0049 first and then 178 82 39 750 (Susan) or 152 245- 06 762 (Carolin) or 152 245 26 845 (Frederick). If you call from a pay phone, please just dial the cell phone number without the country code, i. e. 0178… or 0341…

You will get your CELL PHONES right upon arrival.
INTERNET access will be available at the dorms. However, please understand that there might be technicial problems or other difficulties that will delay the proper installation of the internet service. 
For all students, there will be guidelines for the INTERNET USE available in the information folder. If you cannot set up your internet during the weekend, there will be a tutor in the dorms on Monday afternoon, who gives support.

Alright, here is what’s going to happen upon your arrival in Leipzig:

TUESDAY, June 15
We will have our first get-together and WELCOME BREAKFAST at 10 a.m. at the Wintergarten room, Straße des 18. Oktober 23, first floor. This way, you get an introduction to German breakfast customs and a first on-site orientation!

Please bring your information folder, containing your academic schedule, dorm and facility information, city map, data for Internet access at the dorms, leaflets about cultural events, etc. with you!!!

The building is almost opposite to the REWE supermarket close to the dorms and very easy to find. Carolin will wait for you at the entrance.

You will have your first GERMAN CLASS in the morning, from 9 to 12 a.m. in the “Wintergarten” room. Afterwards, there will be lunch break and the first MDIA/VISCOM CLASS in the afternoon, starting at 1:30 p.m. in the same location.

Alright, that’s all for now. Have a safe trip and please don’t worry about staying ten weeks abroad: You are doing exactly the right thing! You will learn and experience a lot in Germany, and you will have lots of fun exploring life in Europe.

Looking forward to welcome you in the wonderful city of Leipzig soon!
Susan Baumgartl, OLEC coordinator