Ireland 2012 - Ideation

Here are a few ideas given to us by our colleagues in Letterkenny. Please start researching these and any other ideas you can find. We'll be talking about them week after next so please be prepared for a serious brainstorming session:

Tory island - as part of EAF an amazing spectacle theatre company called LUXe, will be holding an outdoor event there, first weekend of festival. (They did the Puja event in Dunree last year)

Inishowen - check out the story of the Laurentic

and also, Malin Head as the first staging post for Marconi -

NAFCO - you would be coming in at tail end of it though

Rockhill House, Letterkenny -, very interesting, just been taken over by council, will have EAF events out there, can get interviews with ex-soldiers etc - loads of slants here

Gweedore - Irish language and culture galore eg

Also google: Errigal Arts Festival

Here is a link to the regional cultural centre where we will be based out of

As discussed in class, it is important to begin to look at the local newspapers in Ireland. Here are links to a couple
Donegal News
Letterkenny Post

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