An overview of job placement

[Please note that this page is under construction]

I am currently working to keep track of where our alumni are working and how they got to where they are. If you would like to be added to this list, or if you know where your classmates are working now, please contact me.

Class of 2017

Janey North was able to find a great job at ComScore Inc in Reston VA. Janey landed this job in here last few weeks of the spring semester of her senior year.

Class of 2012

Tony Guglielmi interned at Hello Monday and was one of the masterminds behind Project C and The Waiting List while he was attending school in Athens. Before graduation Tony secured a job with Imugr in San Francisco, CA.

Heather Germann interned at The Charlotte Bobcats NBA team doing design work. In the fall of her senior year she interned a the Kansas City Cheifs. Heather was able to take the fall term off because of the time she spent on the education abroad program the summer before.

Annette Drapac is the president of OUMS, interned at "?" and came up with the idea for Project C.

Class of 2011

Kiersten Bonifant was hired at Evolve Creative Group shortly after graduation.

Kyle Ackley was hired at Kenworth Trucks at graduation and built their interanet. Upon project completion he left to run Cremedia. Cremedia is a full service interactive company that was formed after Kyle studied in Leipzig Germany through the Ohio University Education abroad program.

Dustin Scarpitti was hired at Blue Diesel upon graduation.

Ian McNair was hired at Lynton Web shortly after graduation.

Chase Banachowski was hired at EpicMix in Breckenridge CO shortly after graduation.

Matt Spolar joined the Cremedia team after graduation, and now works fulltime as the webmaster for Jackie O's Pub and continues his freelance work.

John Koches took a job as a junior developer at Hondros Learning upon graduation. John currently works fulltime in Columbus Ohio.

Class of 2010

Ryan Ford interned at PBS Kids upon graduation and was hired at National Geographic in December 2010.

Corey Michalek was hired at Blue Diesel upon graduation and moved to Resource Interactive one year later.

Seann Anderson worked at The Athens News while enrolled as a graduate student in VisCom, and then was hired at Rocky Shoe and Boot upon finishing his course work in interactive multimedia.

Zach Inscho interned at MTV in summer 2008 and was hired at Kreber upon graduation.

Class of 2009

Andy Phillips is currently working for DSW in Columbus Ohio after spending 15 months at Hyland Software in Cleveland.

On one of the annual OUMS New York trips, Caroline Caine told me that she was going to break away from the group and cold call the people at Big Space Ship. The next thing I knew, she was off to an internship there. After graduation Caroline started working for Big Space Ship and then was hired by Madison Square Garden to do motion graphics. Caroline is still with MSG and continues to help VisCom in many ways.

Class of 2008

Michael Kleinfeld finished his graduate course work in photojournalism in 2008. Since then he has been developing skills in video and multimedia and recently landed a job with Weber Shandwick in Washington DC. He is working on social media campaigns for one of the largest PR firms in the world.

Sara Ward is living in Los Angeles and freelancing as a Motion Graphics Designer. In her last email to me she wrote "I love my work and hope I can continue to live off of doing what I love."

Brandon Flayler entered a graduate program in media studies upon graduation from VisCom. During his graduate program he was a graduate assistant on a Design in Asia education abroad program. When his graduate degree was complete, he became a visiting professor in the School of Visual Communicaiton at Ohio University and taught a wide range of multimedia classes. In the summer of 2011 Brandon worked in New York at Code and Theory as a User Experience (UX) designer.

Class of 2007

John Strawser graduated and started work with R/GA. He is still working there, in San Fancisco.

Eric Mayville interned at Sherwin-Williams in Cleveland and MTV in New York while he was in school. After graduation he started his career at World Archipelago, quickly moved on to Razorfish for about a year. After Razorfish Eric moved on to Code and Theory and now is a Strategy Director at AgencyNet. Eric continues to be an amazing asset to The School of Visual Communication. He always helps current students and alumni land internships and jobs. Eric also frequently returns to campus to guest lecture and provide feedback to students and the school about what is happening in industry.

Victor Vasquez landed an informational graphic internship at Newsweek Magazine while he was still at OU. After graduation Victor began work at Magnani Caruso Dutton and is currently working at Roundarch in New York.

Max Folley is a Lead Developer for StruckAxiom after working for BKWLD.

Chad Stevens (graduate student) continued his role as a producer at MediaStorm when he finished his degree. Then he moved to become a Professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Eric Kramer (graduate student) -- taught for a year in The School of Visual Communication at Ohio University, left to join Metro Six, Inc. and moved on to Digital Playspace in the Cleveland area.

Class of 2004

Chris McKenzie interned with MTV while at OU. After graduation, he started working there and quickly moved on to VH1. Chris left VH1 to spend 2 years at Razorfish and then moved into the world of freelance. Recently Chris has taken a position as a UX Lead / Developer at The Mill.

Todd Roeth (graduate student) left OU and followed this path. . . .
Faculty Instructor, 2004 - 2006, Brooks Institute of Photography. Santa Barbara, CA
Assistant Professor of Art, 2006 - 2008, Marietta College. Marietta, OH
Co-Founder, and Dayjob Inc, 2006 - 2010, Denver, CO
Creative Director, Blue Diesel, 2010 - present, Columbus Ohio

Ken Harper (graduate student) is an Assistant Professor at S.I. Newhouse School - Syracuse University.

Meghan Vickers is an interactive marketing manager at Sherwin-Williams in Cleveland Ohio.

Class of 2002

Ryan Wilson is in Chicago IL.

Erik Wallace is in Cincinnati Ohio a Creative Developer at Barefoot Advertising and Barefoot Advertising. Before this position, Erik has worked as a designer for Electronic Art LLC, Whittman Hart, all in Cincinnati Ohio.

Class of 2001

Ryan Bucci is a creative director for Nike in Portland OR.

Zach Wise -- Visiting Assistant Professor at Ohio University (2006) > Las Vegas Sun > The New York Times Company > Associate Professor Medill School of Journalism.